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Pro Wrestling School

Ever had the dream of becoming a Pro Wrestler? Every year thousands of people seek out training at a professional wrestling school through out the world, sadly only a small percentage of those get the proper training a pro wrestling school should offer. Do you want to be one of those people that start their wrestling career with no hope of being in it for the long haul? Imagine investing thousands of dollars into your pro wrestling career only to have it flushes away.

Training to Wrestle at a Pro Wrestling School

When you train to wrestle it is important that you focus your life on it for the first several years. You can't take the weekend warrior approach to your wrestling training, or your the time you spent at wrestling school will have been a complete waste. What many wrestlers won't tell you is going to a pro wrestling school as important as it may be for your first 3 - 6 months, the skills you learn there must be applied in the ring in front of a crowd for your skill to improve. So if your wrestling school fails to give you the proper mental and physical training, your career is doomed from the start.

Why Moondog Manson's Pro Wrestling School?

Through my years of fighting and hundreds of matches I have learned one thing, Respect rules all. I have battled in Barbwire, Thumbtacks, Steel Cages. Had chairs broken over my head, tables crushed under my weight, and won some titles. Now it is my turn, my turn to train all of you, to show you how the wrestling business is really like. There are two kinds of wrestling fans, those who watch in awe, and those who have the guts to step into the ring and do battle. Which are you?

Why would you take a chance on some other wrestling school when on average they are out just to take your money, and only give you matches as long as you have a lot of friends you can sell tickets too? Wouldn't you liked to be booked to Wrestle because you are one of the best there is?

North American Pro Wrestling School

My Pro Wrestling School is open to potential Students from North America (Canada & United States), as well as any one who wants to travel internationally.

Pro Wrestling School Important Notice

Do you wanna train with these? These beauties belong to my star student Ayzia. Yes that's right boys not only am I offering you wrestling training but I am offering at my pro wrestling school to you the shot to roll around in the ring with these beauties.

Please Note we are currently not accepting new students, we will keep you posted when we have room to add new students.

pro wrestling school student

Pro Wrestler Moondog Manson Head Trainer - Moondog Manson

Moondog Manson has been one of the top Wrestlers in Canada past several years. He has wrestled around North America for a dozen or so promotions. He not only brings experience but professionalism and respect to all of his students. He has done some of the craziest match's Canada has ever seen and is now prepared to teach you all the you need to know to get your start in the Wrestling Industry.

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